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San Isidro

San Isidro Golf

San Isidro, one of the oldest and wealthiest neighborhoods in Lima, is home to Lima’s Golf and Country Club. Luxury high-rise buildings surround the perimeter of the club giving residents what many consider to be amongst the best views in all of Lima. Of all the districts, San Isidro has the largest number of gorgeous colonial mansions that have stood the test of time. Many of these grand residences house the embassies, ambassador’s residences, and consulates of the foreign countries represented here in Perú.

Generally residential and often favored by well-to-do families, San Isidro has a collection of beautifully manicured parks. Of notable mention is a centuries-old olive grove, known today as El Olivar. The origin of this park dates back to 1560 when Antonio de Rivera brought the first olive plants from Seville, Spain. Only three of these plants survived their arduous Atlantic journey, but these three were duly planted and today approximately 1,675 make up this tranquil 57-acre oasis in the middle of bustling Lima.

A block away from, and parallel to Parque El Olivar runs Calle Conquistadores. This long and winding one-way street features boutique shopping, beauty salons, and fine dining establishments. Internationally acclaimed chef and restaurateur, Gastón Acurio’s first and flagship restaurant, Astrid & Gastón, is housed in Casa Moreyra, a historic 300-year-old hacienda at the end of this famous street.

Huaca Huallamarca in San Isidro is a highly restored adobe pyramid dating back to the second century A.D. On-site is a small museum with ancient artifacts and an explanation of the purpose and use of this structure as a ceremonial temple and later a cemetery by the Lima culture, a tribe that pre-dates the Inca by over a millennium.

Although largely residential, San Isidro contains a financial district, which home to 21 bank headquarters and over 50 other financial agencies makes it the business hub of Perú.

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