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San Borja

san borja

San Borja is a small, upper-middle-class district, incorporated in 1983 from sections previously belonging to San Isidro and Surquillo.

This newer district, much of which was at one time a massive agricultural hacienda owned by the Jesuits, is really Lima’s only “planned” district. As such San Borja was developed in a relatively ordered manner, uncharacteristic of this very old city.

Easily accessible via the major avenues of Javier Prado, Aviación, and Angamos, San Borja, largely residential and boasting a bounty of parks and green spaces is a common neighborhood choice for families and commuters.

A great many of the country’s governmental institutions and ministries are found in San Borja. The Institute of Nuclear Energy, The National Institute for Children’s Health, The Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Energy and Mining are all located in within this district.

Additionally home to the Ministry of Defense, the “Pentagonito,” whose grounds have a 4.2 km perimeter, make it a very popular local jogging path. Some adjacent streets around this area are closed on weekends for outdoor activities catered to its residents, making this one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Lima.

San Borja is also home to The National Museum of Perú, “Museo de la Nación,” comprised of exhibitions on four floors of The Ministry of Culture building on Javier Prado. This pre-colonial focused museum’s exhibits are arranged in chronological order beginning with pre-historic Perú and ending with the Incas.

Other notable attractions include the gorgeous Grand National Theatre, The National Library, and Huacas San Borja and Limatambo.

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