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Lima Weather

Like the cuisine, the climate in our city is quite unique. Although located directly on the Pacific Coast, Lima is actually a desert city, and of this type, second only in size to Cairo. Maintaining very high year-round levels of humidity, it nonetheless almost never rains.

Given that we are located in the tropics, just a bit little south of the equator, you might expect that Lima would be hot year-round, but it isn’t. It never really gets that cold either though. In fact, the monthly average temperature doesn’t vary all that much. Typically ranging from 15º-19ºC (60º-65ºF) in the winter and 20º-27ºC (68º-81ºF) in the summer months, the real difference is felt not so much in terms of temperature, but whether or not the sun is out. With a constant high level of humidity, it can go from bone-chilling to sauna- steamy, with just a small peeking out of the sun from behind the clouds.

One of Lima’s nickname “El Gris,” or “The Grey,” is due to the fact that much of the city, in particular, those districts closest to the ocean, are in a persistent state of misty fog, or “La Garúa,” during the long winter. That being said, the city of Lima has drier and sunnier districts such as La Molina and parts of Surco, that stay warm all year.

Many locals state that we only have two seasons in Lima. The first being summer, stretching from December through April, and then winter making up the rest of the year. Obviously not technically true, it most definitely feels that way.

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