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Lima Beaches

In the city of Lima proper, you will find numerous beaches. The beaches of Miraflores, Barranco, and Chorrillos make up what is named the Costa Verde. Along with this stretch, you will find beaches of sand and others where only smooth rocks line the shore.

The around Lima additionally vary in terms of the intensity of the waves. There are some areas where the waters are quite tranquil and calm, perfect for families with small kids who like to play at the shore. Other beaches boasting larger and more intense waves are the natural playgrounds for the local surf community.

The popular beaches to the South of Lima are the choice for wealthy Limeños with beach homes to which they dash out of Lima on summer weekends. The most currently “in” of these beach areas are in an area, called Asia, about 100 km to the South of Lima. Here, you will find an outdoor shopping mall, known as the Boulevard, with upscale stores and boutiques, a full grocery store and movie theatre, as well as dozens of restaurants and clubs that have intense night activity during the summer season. For the other 7 months of the year, 90% of all these places are completely closed.

To the North of Lima, Ancón is a somewhat out of fashion, but very well known beach area for the old Lima elite, dating back to the 19th century. Although not currently the most “en vogue” beach area outside of Lima, Ancón maintains a few old elegant beach homes and has scores of ocean view condo buildings of various vintages, including some new developments. The most distinctive feature of this beach area is the very long marina-hugging boardwalk with numerous private beach clubs and speedy bicycle taxis.